Why You Should Share Ideas at Work

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


TSP was founded on a strong but simple notion: Believe in your ideas. However, belief alone isn’t enough; for an idea to actually accomplish something, it has to be shared. We encourage every employee to share ideas when they find a better way, and that culture has kept TSP on top since its inception.

Sharing an idea opens you to wider possibilities.
No matter how great an idea is, there is always room for improvement. When you share an idea, you open it to outside input, and that can take the plan to a whole new level. Outside opinions widen your perspective, which helps you develop an idea even more.

Sharing ideas deepens your own knowledge.
No matter how well you think you understand your idea, nothing will challenge that knowledge quite like sharing your thoughts with someone else. You suddenly find yourself anticipating questions, coming up with workarounds for potential challenges and pitfalls, and researching the topic to new depths. Having an idea is one thing, but if you really want to let it develop fully, share it. Telling others your idea will present a new series of challenges that will make your idea stronger—and that much closer to becoming a reality.

Sharing adds another layer of authority to your work.
Leaders in their fields are usually also innovators, people who see possibilities and turn them into reality. Being more vocal about your ideas proves you have something special to offer and have unique value. Sharing ideas shows you not only think creatively, but are ready to serve the team.

Sharing ideas inspires others.
Saying your company has a certain type of culture is one thing, but that culture isn’t a reality unless people actually contribute to it. TSP believes in big ideas and small ones, which is why we are ready to listen when someone has something to say. Sharing your own ideas inspires others to do the same, which builds a more positive and collaborate environment for everyone.

Sharing ideas is the first step to making them a reality.
If you have a million great ideas but never share a single one, then those ideas aren’t worth much because they can never become a reality. An idea might be brilliant, but if it never sees the light of day, it can’t change anything because it isn’t real yet. Sharing ideas opens the door between your mind and the world, and it’s the first step to making them something that others can see and benefit from.