5 Apps That Can Help You Stick to Your Goals

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The new year is here, and millions of people worldwide have made New Year’s resolutions. Whether your resolution is eating healthier, working out more or growing your friendships, you will be motivated to keep these goals initially, but by the end of January, your resolutions will likely lose their importance.

However, setting goals for yourself is incredibly important, not only for personal development but also for career growth and happiness. Psychology Today found that intentionally setting a specific goal drastically increases the likelihood of that goal coming to fruition. Take time out of your busy schedule to clear your mind and evaluate what your life is missing or needing more of this upcoming year. Then, mentally set your intention of achieving that particular goal.

Similarly, researchers found that participants who wrote down their goals were 33% more successful in reaching them. Before downloading any apps, take the time to set your goals and physically write them down. From that one step, you will automatically be in a far better position to reach your milestones.

Beyond the initial steps of establishing your goals, download these apps to help you stay on track! Habit Tracker
In order to maintain your goals when they're no longer new and exciting, it is crucial to turn your goals into habits. Habit Tracker allows you to create and build upon your habits. The app sets you up for success by allowing you to establish targets and set reminders for how many times you want to do your habit each week to hold yourself responsible.

Your milestones are then rewarded by getting props from friends and support from the greater community! The app will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, reminding you to achieve your goals and granting you step-by-step plans, from meditation to budgeting.

If you're an achiever, GoalsOnTrack is the app for you! Unlike other goal tracking apps, GoalsOnTrack assists you in creating SMART goals — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, GoalsOnTrack will help you determine specifically how much weight you need to lose in a certain amount of time. GoalsOnTrack also allows you to create subgoals, with goal templates and progress tracking. With GoalsOnTrack, you can manage your tasks, track your times and habits, keep a calendar and make a vision board in one place.

Way of Life
The Way of Life app is a crucial tool for maintaining your goals. This app is a smart, intuitive habit tracker that motivates you to build a better, stronger and healthier you. Way of Life’s focus is helping you not only break bad habits but build better ones. With an easy color-coded system, Way of Life will quickly become a part of your everyday routine. Also, Way of Life offers a diary space for you to jot down notes and view customized charts.

With ATracker, you can manage your time easily, which is crucial when it comes to keeping your goals. ATracker allows you to time your tasks so that your day stays on track. You can also view reports to determine how you are spending your time every day. Once this is determined, you will be able to evaluate your priorities to ensure you’re hitting your milestones.

Lifetick is the habit tracker designed with parents, students and employees in mind. Lifetick will help you map out a study or work schedule with reminders to keep you on track, save money by setting targets and tracking your spending levels and get fit by mapping your training schedule and checking off every achievement you make along the way. Lifetick also uses SMART goals, journaling, habit tracking and progress charts to keep your goals in motion.

Instituting a new goal in your life should not be difficult, but often times it can be. These five apps will help you stay committed to bettering yourself through time management and habit tracking. Whether you download one app or all of them, your goals will come to fruition easier than ever!