Best Gifts to Give Your Coworkers

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Of all the people to buy for this holiday season (friends, family members, significant others, co-workers and more), somehow gifts for coworkers are always the most difficult. There’s an added pressure to gift thoughtful and personalized gifts for your co-workers, especially considering the amount of time you spend with them.

Before striking out on an Amazon shopping spree, first consider the type of person each of your co-workers is. Are they a bibliophile? A yogi? Or a coffee-lover? Narrowing down each of your co-workers’ hobbies and lifestyles can make gifting significantly easier. And, you don’t have to break the bank to give your coworkers gifts they’ll love this year. Check out the below gift ideas, all under $30.

Everyone has that coworker that raves about his or her recent reads. And while it’s tempting to pick up The New York Times’ latest bestseller, book lovers’ tastes in books can be difficult to pinpoint. Instead, pick up a book-themed gift, like Uncommon Goods’ literary candles. Each candle is named for locations in literary classics.

Purchase literary candles for $16 here.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation for your beloved intern this holiday season. Make your intern feel special with a personalized notebook, perfect for his or her future endeavors. Moleskin notebooks are a timeless option, available in 7 colors and can be personalized for only $5.

Purchase a personalized Moleskin notebook for $25 here.

The best gifts are those that can be used every day. If your coworker is a fitness guru, identify his or her favorite workout. Runners have different needs than Pilates practitioners, and so on. For runners, FlipBelts are a great option. A more attractive version of the fanny pack, FlipBelts give runners a place to store their keys, phone and more in a convenient belt. For pilates or barre practitioners, a pair of grip socks is a necessity. Most classes require grip socks — your coworker will appreciate having that extra pair in-between washes. Bombas grip socks have a one-for-one model, donating a pair to someone in need for every pair purchased

Purchase a FlipBelt for $29 here. You can also purchase Bombas grip socks for $14 here.

The holiday season is busy for everyone, especially parents. Make your coworkers that are moms and dads feel special this holiday season with a gift just for them. Parents love photos of their children, but, go beyond the typical photo frame with a custom print. Simply send in a photo of your coworker’s family for a one of a kind print you coworker will cherish for years to come.

Purchase a custom print for $26 here.

Every office has an employee that’s always cold. Whether it be July or December, they’re constantly shivering and shifting the thermostat. Help them (and yourself from overheating) this holiday season by gifting a warm blanket. Choose a stylish blanket that will double as a desk accessory your coworker will love.

Purchase a blanket for $19 here.

Do you have a coworker who wouldn’t be caught dead without a cup of joe? Elevate their coffee experience with a French press coffee maker. French presses make a delicious cup of coffee but are far more affordable than other gourmet coffee makers out there. Your coworker will thank you year-round for this gift that makes an everyday indulgence tastier.

Purchase a French press coffee maker for $16 here.

If your coworker’s desk trash bin is stacked high in snack wrappers and zip-loc bags from their snacking obsession, reusable snack bags are an excellent gift. Not only do they eliminate the need for plastic snack bags completely, they’re also great for the environment.

Purchase reusable snack bags for $25 here.

Is your office kitchen often smelling of delightful aromas from your coworker’s latest culinary exploration? If so, encourage your coworker’s cooking with a fresh herb garden of their own. Indoor herb gardens ensure chefs have the fresh herbs they need, and some even water themselves. Maybe they’ll even be inspired to share!

Purchase for a self-watering herb garden for $20 here.

Whether your coworker fits into the aforementioned categories or not, hopefully these ideas get you thinking about personalized, thoughtful gifts. Whatever you give your coworker will be appreciated, because the worst gift you can give is not giving a gift at all!