Finding the Right Custom Data Storage Solution

By: Chris Helms


Choosing a solution for data storage used to be simpler. Storage needs were a lot more basic, data quantity was more manageable, and relational databases could handle most needs without too much trouble. Today, data is much more complex, and every size business has to narrow down exactly what kind of storage solution is best for them. This is even harder because the “best” solution is often a moving target.

Choosing storage solutions today versus the pre-NoSQL world is kind of like choosing a television before and after flat screens became the norm. You used to go to the store and choose a television. Now you have hundreds of sizes, brands, models, picture qualities, and connectivity choices. Some people love diving straight to the bottom of the specs, and others just want a TV and start to feel overwhelmed by all the options. Finding a good data solution isn’t all that different; whether you feel overwhelmed or overjoyed, the process is complicated.

Storage is complex and comes with its own dictionary that can sound like Computer Klingon to the uninitiated. Here’s a sample: linear scale performance, open source, distributed, protocol, consistency, tunable — if you need a custom data storage solution but reading that list of storage jargon made your eyes glaze over, don’t worry, we can get through this together. Some of our teams specialize in understanding exactly what service needs our customers require based on their data storage solution. No matter what level of data a client needs to manage, we help you manage a secure, appropriate solution based on your needs.

If you already speak the language and reading that insider tech jargon made you think, “Hmm, they didn’t mention masterless architecture,” our senior engineers can jump into the tech-speak rodeo with the best of them. It’s what we do. Building storage solutions before NoSQL required a certain level of expertise, but the NoSQL era has opened lots of new doors that lead to a vast combination of data solutions which was convoluted even more with the introduction of NewSQL databases.

TSP takes pride in partnering with every client to find the ideal storage service solution, regardless of the client’s requirements or expertise. Whether clients need a data storage breakdown or want to debate the ins and outs of the most technical matters, we’re here to serve.