Five Things You Might Be Doing to Annoy Your Coworkers

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


We all have that one coworker who absolutely can do no right in our eyes. Whether they put you off by missing a deadline or are simply inconsiderate to your feelings or workload, this person has landed themselves as your least favorite person in the office.

Just as you're bothered by that one person three cubicles down, have you stopped to consider who could be bothered by your actions? If not, now may be the time to do so. You know we love to help, so to assist, we’ve compiled some of the most irritating workplace crimes you might be guilty of committing.

The workplace should be just that – a place of work. While it is inevitable to build office friendships, there is a fine line between sharing small details from your personal life and sharing too much information. While you may think your dog is the cutest or your child is the most talented, these prideful comments are most likely not something your coworkers care to hear about.

Making a mess at your own desk is one thing, but making the mess in the breakroom or kitchen? A whole different story. If you find yourself thinking, “oh – no one saw me drop that goldfish” or “I’ll come back and put my dish away later,” you might just be guilty of this annoying office habit. If you insist on making a mess, at least keep it confined to your desk and your desk only.

Competition comes in many forms, but the most common may be one-upping. Everyone knows that one person who always has a better story to tell once you finish yours or seems to steal the spotlight whenever possible. While there is such a thing as healthy competition, it is important not to let your deep need to win or desire for human attention become a staple of your workplace personality.

This should be a no-brainer, but it is simply not acceptable to steal your coworker’s things. For those of us who keep their desk fully-stocked with supplies, the incessant borrowing of basic office products can be frustrating. If you ask to borrow a pen, do the right thing and return it after the meeting. If you think it’s ok to eat someone else’s food, just remember Ross’s reaction when his coworker stole his sandwich.

Focus is key to getting work done. Even the slightest sound can send you off-task completely. Being loud isn’t confined to just your vocal volume – incessant pen clicking, blaring music in your headphones, or eating too loudly are ways you can distract your colleagues. If you find others are giving you dirty looks for no reason while taking a phone call, it may be time to dial the noise back.

Regardless of how considerate you think you are, there is a good chance you’ve rubbed one of your officemates the wrong way. When you are spending eight hours a day, five days a week with someone, even the smallest of statements could be annoying. A little self-awareness could go a long way in securing your place as the most beloved coworker.