Seven Podcasts to Subscribe to for a Better 2018

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


If you’re bored on your commute, looking to learn more this year or are experiencing screen fatigue, podcasts are the medium for you! Podcasts make it easy to digest a number of topics while multitasking – from lounging at home to walking your dog, the world is your oyster.

Not only are podcasts great for multitasking, but they're also growing in popularity. Studies show that in 2017, 112 million Americans had listened to a podcast at some point, which is an 11 percent increase from 2016. With podcasts growing so rapidly, it’s becoming just as important to keep up with podcasts as it is the newest Netflix series. Podcasts can be informative, entertaining or even inspirational in nature.

Below are seven podcasts to get you started on your next listening binge:

“Nice Guys” Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner host this weekday show on which they interview thought-leaders and other industry experts. Conversations on the podcast range from setting up systems, to acquisition, to protecting your ideas. This raw, but always enjoyable and informative show, is sure to improve your approach to business.

Listen to the Nice Guys on Business Podcast here.

THE DAILY (@mikiebarb)
This 20-minute weekday podcast from The New York Times provides a digestible summary of the news each morning. The show is ready each day by 6 a.m. – just in time for your morning commute! The Daily Show’s host Michael Barbaro explains complex current issues in unbiased, logical terms that even the least informed listener could understand.

Listen to The Daily here.

DIRTY JOHN (@realdirtyjohn)
L.A. Times reporter Christopher Goffard reports and hosts this entertaining series that follows the life of a successful interior designer and single mother, Debra Newell. Debra meets a handsome self-proclaimed doctor who seems to be everything she wants in a man, but when Debra’s kids meet John, they are unimpressed and skeptical. After a little research and snooping, Debra’s daughter realizes that John is deceiving Debra in more ways than one. This thrilling tale of deception, love, betrayal and mystery will keep you listening until to bitter end.

Listen to Dirty John here.

If you’re looking to get inspired in 2018, this is the podcast for you. Host Oprah Winfrey personally selects thought-leaders and industry experts to inspire and guide listeners through some of life’s big questions. SuperSoul Conversations aims to lead you to discover your true self.

Listen to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations here.

How I Built This, hosted by Guy Raz from NPR, will inspire you to reach your business goals in 2018. Typically, the episodes are between 45 minutes and an hour in length. Each show is packed full of key tidbits and revelations from some of the top innovators, idealists and entrepreneurs in the world’s best-known companies.

Listen to How I Built This here.

At 60-minutes in length, these weekly episodes will entice you to contemplate a diverse range of topics. From the same team that launched TED talks, this podcast introduces riveting new ideas, perspectives and stories. The show’s thought-provoking episodes cover a number of topics, including crisis and response, failure and getting organized.

Listen to TED Radio Hour here.

This podcasts’ hook is best described in the title: hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant explain each episode’s topic in full detail. Frequent – or even just occasional listening – to this podcast will have you feeling more informed, cultured and savvy. Each episode explores one topic in depth, including how personality tests work, how empathy works and how narcissism works.

Listen to Stuff You Should Know here.