Staffing and Recruiting Trends to Look Out For

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The recruiting industry is constantly evolving, so recruiters must consider the needs of candidates to stay relevant. AI and HR technology are bringing a complete transformation to the recruitment process. With more employers competing for a smaller talent pool, it has become increasingly competitive for businesses to hire great employees. Here are some of the top recruiting trends to look out for.

Social media is used by millions of people every day. With so many candidates scrolling through social, it’s safe to say that social media will continue to emerge as a recruiting tool. It’s important to leverage social media to reach your target audience.

To recruit successfully on social media, you must improve brand awareness, leverage social media for hiring and convert site visitors into leads. Your company’s visibility online will lead to increased website traffic from potential prospects via search engines. Use your own website, job postings and content to turn web visitors into potential new hires!

Over the last several years, recruitment agencies have started to take a closer look at how they can improve the hiring experience as a whole. A negative candidate experience can have a disastrous effect on your recruiting process and on your company’s overall success. According to a recent study, companies who fail to deliver a quality candidate experience may suffer some serious consequences.

It’s not enough to try and attract young candidates. Instead, you must work with them to make sure that they feel comfortable throughout each step of the application process. This can encourage positive reviews and even promotion from word of mouth.

It’s no secret that tech has become a crucial part of the hiring process. Many companies are now taking into account how job seekers are using their mobile devices and how they can connect. By being more mobile-friendly, employers will reach more job seekers that are browsing on their mobile phones.

Furthermore, if members of your recruiting team are out of the office, a mobile app can keep the hiring process moving along, making it easier to review candidates’ applications and resumes with just a few taps.

Video recruitment has become very popular. Skype interviews have been conducted for quite some time now, but they’re only increasing in popularity. Recruiters find that these are useful when it comes to connecting with candidates. Video interviews help potential candidates ask questions in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Additionally, employers get a better feel for the person they are hiring through his or her facial expressions and body language.

73% of talent leaders say analytics will be a major priority for their company over the next five years. Organizations are utilizing data to streamline all processes related to employees and hiring. With data, you can identify a recruitment cycle and assess the ideal talent pipeline.

As the hiring model develops and becomes more intricate, the ability to rapidly select best-fit candidates will significantly impact the speed of hiring. These insights allow recruiters to cut through unnecessary clutter, establish connections with candidates and quickly move forward with the hiring process.

Internal recruiting is an excellent way to discover your talent pool. Companies can close jobs much more quickly through their employees. Role changes in the organization are a great opportunity to explore the talent of your employees. This can be done via promotion or department transfers.

Instead of spending time on training new hires, hone the skills of your employees. The benefit of internal recruiting is that you can keep your employees motivated to stay longer and continue to deliver.

Adding diversity into your workforce is another popular recruitment trend. While recruiters always make efforts to reduce unconscious bias, AI can play a role in boosting diversity. For example, a resume parser helps you in extracting resume data like education, skills and qualifications. With configurable data fields, you get the option to enable and disable fields as you please.

Generation Z is the next arrival in your workforce. As a hiring manager, it is important to use the right strategies to attract them. Gen Z is a unique group because they are the first to be born in a completely digital world. Their brains are wired to instantaneously absorb countless amounts of information.

Recruiters must learn to speak the Generation Z language by offering a positive work environment that offers creativity, personal growth and social connection. Flexible hours, training, new career paths and fantastic work culture are just a few of the things that Gen Z is looking for when it comes to finding a job.

Candidate experience and employer branding are directly related to each other. A crucial factor for attracting candidates is your brand. Why should candidates choose to join your company? Some key factors could be short application forms, a healthy work-life balance, amazing company culture and exclusive perks.

It is essential to follow the latest trends to meet the growing expectations of the recruitment industry. Is your company behind the times? Adopt this list of trends and see the results for yourself!