The 10 Best Organization Apps to Boost Productivity

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There’s no doubt that getting organized improves productivity and efficiency, and utilizing technology and innovative apps can enhance one’s time management and organization skills. In addition, merely remembering daily tasks, having excellent organization capabilities helps improve a work/life balance. When you're able to prioritize tasks both in the home and office, you'll also experience reduced stress, improved sleep, as well as better control of your emotions and interactions with others.

There’s more to organizing than just to-do lists. The best way to begin is to understand better the areas you may need help getting organized. Regardless of if you need assistance with organizing your daily plans, expenses, spreadsheets, travel itineraries, documents, grocery lists, business cards, meals, emails, chats (the list could go on and on…), there’s an app for it. If you’re looking to get started, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps to boost productivity. 

Any.Do is an app that sends constant reminders on daily to-do tasks and notes, and allows you to share your lists with everyone and assign other things to do. The app can sync all your devices and even allows you to enter tasks by voice.

Proof Hub
Proof Hub is actually a project management software that offers an all-in-one solution to many of your workspace organization problems. This software replaces the use of multiple apps, such as Dropbox, Harvest, Monday, Slack and Toggl. Your team members can all coordinate work schedules, stay on the same page and have work discussions all within the platform.

The best part about this app is that tasks can be categorized with colors in order to set priority levels. You also get access to productivity graphs to help you keep track of projects being worked on. It is a multi-platform planner that allows you to easily stay ahead of the game when it comes to team projects.

Running a business and need help keeping track of all business contacts? Look no further. Cloze is an app that provides social networking capabilities as well as an email center. All details of contacts from both social media and emails sync into the app together to help you keep track of everyone. You can even update your social media status and tweet from the app! 

If you are someone who likes to highlight their notes to remember them and because it’s aesthetically pleasing, then this app is perfect for you.

The name says it all for this app. If expense reports are not your forte, then this app will become your best friend. Expensify helps keep all your spending organized in one place, and it can be used for individuals, small businesses and even large corporations. Business travel expenses become easier to manage since it integrates with a host of travel apps while giving travel reporting options.

Cam Scanner
Need to scan important documents but don’t have access to a scanner? Cam scanner uses the camera on your smartphone and instantly becomes a portable scanner. You can even convert these scans into PDF or JPEG formats easily so it can be an easy, quick way to turn hard copies into electronic documents.

Cam Card
Stacking business cards into wallets is definitely old school. Just snap a picture and this app helps organize all business cards received and automatically adds it to your contact list.

Toggl is pretty simple and can be used as a single user or even a group. The app allows you to track and record the time spent on multiple projects.

Google Drive
Who doesn’t know about Google Docs? It's the easiest way to have all your documents and spreadsheets in one place. No need to take up space on your computers or phones. Jot down all of your thoughts in the online documents that automatically save, which can be great for adding quick updates on the go!

Tell us, what apps do we need to know about that help you be more productive and stay organized?