TSP’s Top Tech Tips for Computers

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


TSP is all about simplifying technologies and processes for our clients. From preparing a solid maintenance schedule to ensuring things are fixed before they break and being there for those times an emergency does happen, we want to take headaches away. So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite Top Tech Tips that might save you a little time. They’re not rocket science, they’re just little secrets we’ve collected that most people don’t seem to know about—but would make a big difference.

Customize your online reading experience with just two keys.
Sometimes reading on the web can make you feel like Goldilocks—the text is either way too small or way to big, but rarely just right. But did you know that text size is totally in your hands? To increase or decrease text size on a Microsoft computer, press + or – plus the control key; each tap of the + or – will increase or decrease text size one increment. For Mac users, substitute the control key for the command key.

Use the space bar to scroll down a page.
When you’re reading on your desktop, forget trying to slide your fingers just so on a mac mouse or navigate that click-wheel to scroll down web pages. Instead, tap the space bar, which will move the browser down exactly one page. To go back up a page, press shift and space bar. This trick works no matter what browser or brand of computer you use.

B is for blackout.
Most of us encounter PowerPoint regularly, whether we are usually presenting or watching. PowerPoint was made to help us focus, but sometimes slides end up being distracting, and attendees look at the slides more often than the speaker. If you’re presenting and you want to turn the slide off momentarily, just press the B key to black it out. Press B again to get the slide back. For a whiteout instead of a blackout, press W.

Clean up your Mac desktop with just two clicks.
Too many desktops out there are cluttered beyond belief. Files are helter skelter, and there’s no real system of organization. To do a ten-second clean sweep on your Mac, leverage some of these instant cleanup tools. Go to the desktop and right click, then Sort By and Snap to Grid. That way, icons on the desktop will immediately sort into neat rows and columns. To further organize, right click the desktop again, click Sort By, and scroll to the dropdown item that sorts your files the way you want most. You can sort by date created, date modified, size, tags, name, or file type.