What Not to Do at the Company Holiday Party

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Just as Thanksgiving signals it's time to put up the tree and hang stockings, it also serves as the unofficial start of the holiday season, and with it brings the dawn of company holiday parties. These parties provide a time for employees to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office and get to know one another in a more social setting.

While a company party may be the last thing you want to attend, it's an event that shouldn't be missed. Yes, the term party implies you should have a good time, but it is key to not get too caught up in the fun. Here are some things not to do at this year’s holiday party.

Yes – you’re with your coworkers and work may be the easiest thing to talk about, but it’s important to be interested in what your fellow employees do outside of work. Whether it is with your cubemate or someone from an entirely different floor, try to find something in common with the people you share your weekdays with.

Ask them what their plans are for the holidays and meet the friends or family members they may brought with them. By all means, don’t talk about work, and don’t talk about the two most polarizing subjects: politics and religion.

While the libations might be flowing, it’s important to not talk bad about the company you keep. Even if you’re chatting it up with your work BFF, you never know who knows who, or more importantly, who is over hearing the conversation.

If you must talk about work, make sure to only speak positively about your company, boss and other employees – it could be the key to making sure you have a job the next day!

Whether you’re in the holiday mindset and anticipating that much needed time off or wanting to let loose after a stressful week, don’t get carried away with your drinking. Sure, the open bar may be tempting, but keeping in mind you’re at a company party with your colleagues and superiors are present is essential to escaping with your integrity and reputation intact.

If you see a coworker acting a little foolishly, go the extra mile to help them dial it back. Doing so could gain you a new friend and defender in the office! 

You might be new, or have other plans for the night, but the worst thing you can do at the company holiday party is not show up. Your absence will not only cause your boss to question your loyalty to the job, but it may also cause snickering amongst your co-workers as they debate where you are all night.

This is a great chance for you to get to know your teammates, network with coworkers, and have fun with people you spend 40+ hours with every week. Truth is, these types of events are where memories are made and it’s never fun being the one person on the outside of the inside joke!

You never know what will happen unless you try, so give it your best shot and make the most of the company holiday party. Remember that you are there representing yourself as an employee first and foremost.

There are many things that will make this holiday gathering a success, but embarrassing yourself isn’t one of them. So, be festive, show up, speak positively, and go easy on the drinks. And hey – at least there is free food!