5 Things to Do Before Clocking Out for the Holidays

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Finally – the holidays are here! Christmas and New Years are right around the corner, family and loved ones are heading into town and good times await. While adults typically don’t have the luxury of a formal break, we do get some time off to enjoy the celebration.

However, with this anticipation comes an extra amount of stress in the office. Coworkers are rushing around trying to tie up loose ends and you’re racing to get everything done before the clock strikes five. To avoid the chaos and go into your time off with some peace, here are some simple tips to put into play before you head out the door.

When preparing to leave for the holidays, it’s important to prioritize your tasks. This may seem daunting, especially when you feel like everything needs to be done right away, but breaking your list down based on timing and importance are the key to checking things off. The catch? You actually have to complete this task before finishing your others.

Before finalizing your list, ask yourself, “what would happen if I don’t do this?” Even if you think something can wait until the New Year, add it to the list of to-dos. If you finish the high priorities, try and finish the lower ones too. Doing so will help eliminate the unfinished tasks floating around in your head while you’re away.

If you’re leaving for vacation earlier than your coworkers, it’s okay to delegate some tasks to them. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with assignments is normal before preparing to leave for the holidays, so don’t feel bad asking for assistance. There are only so many tasks you can finish in a certain amount of time. Delegating some of the items on your checklist will help you get tasks done efficiently and potentially give a member of your team a time to step-up and help. After all, isn’t that the point of teamwork?

This one seems easy, but it’s also easy to forget! It’s important to let your clients and fellow workers know why you aren’t returning their calls or emails, so be sure to set your out of office reply. This article gives some examples of how to creatively let the world know you’re offline.

When creating your OOO, make sure to include another point of contact and your return date so recipients know when to expect a reply from you. Even though you are leaving for vacation, your clients and work life may need some immediate assistance. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, checking email at least once a day can help ease uncertainty and ensure you aren’t missing any pressing information.

Before making that final dash to freedom, be sure to leave yourself a checklist of things to complete when first getting back to the office after the holidays. Depending on the company, your break could be up to two weeks off, which allows for a lot of time to forget what priorities you left behind at the office. Help your future self by leaving a detailed list of to-dos, helping to eliminate the “what should I do first?” question when returning from the holidays.

You have officially clocked out of the office and are ready to spend quality time with family and friends. Be sure to enjoy your holidays without focusing on your return to work. Here are some easy tips to relax and recharge during your time off and here is our advice on how to truly unplug – we hope it helps!

It’s easy to get caught up in the anticipation of the holiday break. Making sure to set yourself up for success when returning to the office is key to ensuring you truly enjoy the time off. Following these simple tips can help you cast work aside and focus on enjoying your time with loved ones!