7 Habits of Employees That Get Promoted

TSP • @myTSPnet


Getting promoted takes more than just doing your job well. Employees that get promoted are dedicated, go above and beyond in their roles and show that they're ready to take on more responsibility. Make these seven habits part of your work routine to open the door to more opportunities to grow professionally.

At the beginning of each year, set and communicate clear professional goals with your boss. These should be a mixture of performance-based goals and goals for professional growth. Outline a plan and timeline of how and when you'll reach them and be honest with your boss about where you see yourself in the next six months or year. Document when you reach your goals and the process you followed to get there. This will give you a tangible way to show your abilities and highlight your success to your boss when the time comes to ask for a promotion.

Show your commitment to the common goal of your team by always being a team player. Focus on the big picture rather than small personal woes and get comfortable stepping up without being asked. A good employee is invested in the greater good of the company and volunteers to take on tasks that aren’t part of his or her job description. This is a great way to show you are ready for more responsibility.

Being able to work under pressure without losing your composure is a key element managers look for in promotable employees. Emotional intelligence isn’t only about you. Practice being sensitive to others and listening and responding to criticism. If you're able to recognize where you can improve in response to criticism without being explicitly told, you will already be a step ahead in the emotional intelligence game.

The first step in being a leader is acting like one. Even if you aren’t in a management role, you can showcase leadership abilities through being trustworthy, having confidence and being a role model for your peers. Take initiative and set the standard for your current role. By becoming the best you can be in your position — you'll show managers that you’re ready for a promotion while also showing them what to look for in future employees to fill your position.

When you're presenting new ideas to your boss, think long-term and always incorporate why your idea fits with the company’s core values. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about the company and network with your colleagues. Embrace the vision of the company and stand behind it — you’ll be the at the top of your boss’ mind when it comes time for the next promotion.

Rise above temptation to participate in office gossip and politics. Promotable employees are aware of the dynamics of an office without getting caught up in drama. Be a problem-solver rather than a problem-creator and maintain a positive attitude about work. If you need to vent, do it at home — not at the office. Everything you say at work will come back to you, especially when others can benefit from it. Be smart, look out for yourself and speak directly with your boss if you have a work-related issue.

Another way to show leadership and get promoted quickly is to help your colleagues rather than step on them on the way up the ladder. This will prove your maturity and professionalism as well as benefit the company culture. As you get promoted to managerial and leadership positions, you'll be responsible for uplifting your team members and listening to their ideas. Practicing this in your current role will not only show your boss that you're ready for a promotion, but will also help you in your new role when learning how to respectfully and effectively manage a team.

Integrating these habits into your daily work routine will show your boss that you are professional, organized and responsible enough for a promotion. Be patient and consistently put your best foot forward at work. When you’re ready to move up the ranks, advocate for yourself and explain why your successes should translate to more responsibility, trust, and ultimately, a new title.