Becoming a Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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The journey in finding top talent for your business shouldn’t be difficult — we live in a world populated with uber talented people. The key that many companies miss though, is that employers shouldn’t be trying to find new talent, but rather attracting it.

Business leaders should aim to build a company that will attract top talent by being the name or brand of success that people want to be a part of. Once you build a team of talented members that are also devoted to the company’s missions, values and purpose, it’s critical to maintain them.

Max De Pree, American businessman (whose father, D.J. De Pree founded Herman Miller, Inc.) once said “Management has a lot to do with answers. Leadership is a function of questions. And the first question for a leader is always: ‘Who do we intend to be?’ Not ‘What are we going to do?’ but ‘Who do we intend to be?’”

Simply, purpose directs action and your company’s motives come from a vision. Having an attainable vision is the first key step to convincing talent to be part of your network. A vision inspires us, but also brings order. It can unify team members and showcase their work to others. A vision dictates short- and long-term goals that provide purpose, action, and results.

Acknowledging the vision is a crucial step in finding the most qualified talent. Then, how can you mentor someone that embodies the vision and continues to be loyal?

  • Be truthful and clear. When a company has a vision, you’re less likely to have unclear or questionable intentions. It’s fundamental — the ultimate make up behind everything you do in the future. So be truthful. Be clear. Brainstorm a vision that speaks upon who you are. Additionally, it’s important to remember to admire your aspirations here. If the vision you created is the core for all dedication and success moving forward, then establish creativity, something so unique and engineered for the long run that successful talent will not want to miss out.
  • Stay alert — knowledge is endless. The truth doesn’t stop with your vision as everything that follows will enable tools for learning. A strong vision generates long- and short-term goals. Many of your goals will succeed. Some may not. Sometimes you’ll learn that those goals are no longer of importance. You will continue to learn through experiences and never stop the process.
  • Do what’s correct, every time. Opportunities will always fluctuate. You’ll have oof days where short-term goals seem expired, or a long-term goal feels impossible to complete. Just remember to stick to your values. Being honest will always keep you in line. Do your part and allow for opportunity and competition to take its path. You will be better from it.
  • Make it enjoyable — don’t be a downer. We all want to do our best at work, and it’s the fun environment we create that makes it enjoyable to work together. No one to be employed at a business that is represented as harsh or too serious. Life is way too short to be miserable. Get the job done and make it fun. Even if you have employed the best of the best, your work culture will be the true test. Establish an environment that is enjoyable, then watch your team grow with you for the long term.

To attract talent, you must create an environment that is inviting and collaborative. Therefore, it’s critical to show your employees you appreciate and value their opinions. Unfortunately, too many companies’ leadership teams sometimes drown in their work and employees tend to get pushed to the side. When this happens, self-confidence runs out and people sink or swim (and for proven reasons).

Help the people around you feel worthy. Recognize the wins, collaborate on similarities, appreciate one another, and help motivate each other. Advise them in succeeding in their goals that represent the company’s vision.

Especially today, supporting one another is more important than ever. Soak in and release empathy, empowering one another with goals, outcomes, and support. Honor your workplace’s diversity — in people, in beliefs, in ideas. Respect your worth, look out for each other, and support your team and the collective mission.

It all comes down to your outlook and practice. Create ways for your team to advance and grow their skills, and recognize their accomplishments. Try to utilize promotions within your team and evaluate your employee retention once it has been established as a place for personal and professional growth — a place to exceed your potential.

Never forget to challenge yourself and model the boss you’d like to work for. Make it a routine to reassess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, ask employees for their opinions, and others’ ideas and use those as ways to improve. A successful company grows in a bright light and, therefore, checks in with employees routinely to ensure satisfaction.

When you begin with a tangible vision, utilize communication skills, and create a positive work environment, your search for the perfect fit will be over. Your company will be the one to watch out for. Potential candidates will come to you, ready to learn and eager to help the company advance.

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