Six Benefits of Working with a Staffing Company

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In the last several years, finding and recruiting for jobs has become a much more difficult task for candidates and companies. With technological advancements, more competition and less skilled candidates, hiring can become a difficult task that in-house recruiters are no longer prepared to handle. Staffing agencies can help solve this problem and provide your company with the best candidates for the open positions.

A staffing agency is a separate firm that takes over an organization's recruitment function and links job seekers and employers. Employers give staffing companies the descriptions of the jobs needed, and in return, the agency uses a large database to screen, shortlist candidates and send them for interviews.

There are six primary benefits that detail how hiring a staffing agency can make the recruiting process easier, less stressful, and more successful for the company and the candidates.

The first and most important advantage of a staffing agency is that it helps companies save costs concerning recruitment and hiring needs. This includes saving money in:

  • Advertising positions in different media channels
  • Pre-employment and background testing
  • Drug screening
  • Creating payroll databases
  • Training and onboarding

Recruiting for positions that require expertise and finding the perfect fit for your company can take months. Between advertising on different sites, looking through thousands of resumes, connecting with candidates, screening prospects, interviewing, and negotiating offers can be a lot of work for a hiring manager or HR department. Luckily, a staffing company can cut this process down into days with their resources, techniques, and pools of candidates to choose from.

Staffing teams have the knowledge and expertise to make the best recruiting decisions so they can match the right job with the right candidate. Unlike in-house recruiting teams, agencies typically have larger networks of contacts from a wide range of industries. Additionally, they’re more up to date with the changing trends in the job market. The scale that these agencies operate at allows access to the latest software and technology needed for efficient and quality recruitment.

Since staffing companies are constantly recruiting for a wide range of jobs, they have access to a large database of pre-screened candidates. When you give them a new assignment, they can easily tap into their network to find the perfect candidate for you. Additionally, since they already have a deep understanding of the candidate’s profile, experience and skills, the quality of candidates you are receiving is much higher than you would get through traditional job application websites.

Another benefit of a staffing agency is that they offer more flexibility to employers. You can find professionals to hire for short-term needs and even have the option of trying out an employee before hiring them.

Beyond just helping candidates get a job, staffing agencies also offer career mentorship and advice. They provide valuable tips and feedback during the recruitment process related to the candidate’s skills, interests, and career aspirations. Also, candidates who attend interviews through agencies tend to feel more confident and prepared. This can result in better quality candidates for companies.

The next time your company is looking for new candidates for a job opening, skip the long and laborious process and use a staffing agency to help you find the best employees that will work hard to further your company’s goals.

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