Why Flexible Staffing Might Be Right for Your Business

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As a successful business owner, you’re probably familiar with the option to hire a staffing agency, but are unaware of the long-term benefits they can offer? It makes sense to question passing on the job to someone else when you could theoretically do it yourself.

In reality, it would be more logical to outsource your needs that you’re less knowledgeable on, such as marketing, building a website or even supplying your materials. A staffing agency can take the time and potential costs that relate to staffing the best qualified employees, as well as other responsibilities like payroll, taxes, insurance and benefits. For many businesses, large or small, it’s more efficient to depend on experts for these tasks.

Consider the consistent benefits an agency provides in the form of flexible staffing that can improve your business’s performance.

Beyond the time spent on finding the perfect candidate, there’s a significant amount of time spent on the actual onboarding process and paperwork that comes with it. This process is extremely drawn out and can take away time from your other tasks and assignments. A staffing agency’s job is to be efficient and ease the stress of your HR and management team so they can prioritize managing your team and the needs of your workplace.

Hiring a staffing agency may still be an uncertainty for you — try to reflect on the costs that are standard with your employees, such as taxes, payroll, compensations, and benefits. If you remove these costs from your financial plan by outsourcing some of the administrative responsibilities, using a staffing agency will be instant savings on your bank account. This applies even more to a smaller company, especially since you are supporting coverage for only a few employees, which tends to be costly.

One of the most stressful tasks is finding qualified employees who will benefit your company and take pride in core values and future success. This journey can be extremely stressful and distract your focus on the business. Staffing agencies are the true specialists and can help take away this stress from your agenda. One of their jobs is to recruit and interview candidates every day, so they will only choose the best of the best. You even have the option to select an agency that specializes in your expertise.

Having effective staff management means having the right candidate in the right position. Employees that are properly trained and well-managed are more suited to their job duties and performing to higher standards. By doing all of this, your company can result in more satisfied clients. Sometimes, the right candidate does not necessarily need to be a full-time employee. Consider the following options that you can work with a staffing agency on to fulfill the company’s needs:

This service is utilized when an employer works with a staffing agency to help provide a potential candidate with a short-term assignment. This assignment can range anywhere from a month to a year with an established hourly billing rate.

Contract-to-hire staffing is when an employer and staffing firm agree on a timeline for employment before the full-time offer can be given to that specific candidate. After the contract period is completed, the employer then has several options to pull from. The candidate can be put on their payroll as a full-time employee, continue the contract in place if both sides agree, or completely end the contract at this time.

Working with a technical staffing agency will allow you to have the opportunity to summarize the candidate’s skills, work habits and predict if the candidate is a good fit in the working environment before the direct offer is made.

The direct hire service is the procedure taken to fulfill a long-term need. From here on, the candidate is placed directly with the employer and is given all the benefits associated with being a full-time employee of the employer. The staffing agency is compensated by getting a predetermined fee that is calculated on a percentage of the candidate’s first year compensation at hiring.

Remember that staffing agencies know their place when it comes to business and what aspects of the HR and management functions you need them to handle. By helping save time, money and worry, these agencies can help you to keep your business running efficiently and plan for a more successful future.

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