3 Ways Your IT Service Provider Can (and Should) Be Flexible

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Flexibility is something that business people commonly talk about. Whether you’ve seen our previous blog post “How To Tell You Have a Good IT Service Partner” or not, you probably know that a valued characteristic in a service partner is flexibility. But what does this mean specifically regarding your IT services? We broke it down for you here so you’ll know what to look for. Here’s three different ways your IT service provider can (and should) be flexible.

Every company has unique IT needs, and requires different amounts of service based on the size and scope of the business. As a small business owner, you might IT service one day per week (or even every other week), whereas a corporation might need an IT pro in their office all day, seven days per week.

When an IT service provider can customize their schedule to fit your needs, you don’t have to compromise yours. When a service provider doesn’t have a set service schedule that you have to fit your schedule into, they make your life much easier.

Those in the IT business are in the business of problem solving. It goes without saying that each problem has its own unique solution – so being flexible in order to solve the problem at hand is key. Some IT service providers will only offer you packaged service options, which often end up being much more than you need, because they have the hidden agenda to upsell you. Or, they don’t directly map back to your needs.

Even worse, oftentimes the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will only service their equipment – meaning you need to juggle multiple service contracts (talk about an administrative hassle). A truly flexible service partner will create a custom solution that works for YOU and YOUR business needs, regardless of company size or need. Every company deserves a perfectly tailored IT solution!

No one wants an IT service provider who is only available to you from 9-5, from Monday to Friday. A true partner is available to help you night and day, because we know IT disasters don’t plan themselves around your business hours. If your server crashes in the middle of the night (or on a holiday or a weekend) your service partner should be flexible and dedicated enough to be there and recover it ASAP to keep your business up and running. Flexible IT service partners run toward the problem, no matter what time or day, instead of running from it.

There are endless situations, both business and personal, where flexibility is appreciated and valued. Being a flexible service partner truly means doing whatever is possible to make life easier for the customer, always accommodating their IT needs. Whether you need IT services just one hour per week or 80 hours per week, there is a solution that will fit you through flexibility of service schedule, solutions and availability. In need of a flexible IT partner? Get in touch!