Struggling to find good talent? You're not alone.

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If you’re struggling to find suitable talent, you’re not the only one. Companies and industries all over the country are having the same problem. As of today, the U.S. has one million more jobs available than ready workers.

While not every worker will always be 100% diligent, dedicated, and decisive, there’s talent in our workforce. So, if you find your company constantly trying to hire new positions and always interviewing, here are some tips for finding the quality talent that does exist.

When hiring, it’s crucial to have a straightforward and well-documented plan of your process. The process of hiring should all look the same but also be personalized towards each candidate. That way, if a potential employee receives personalized communication, they feel valued and wanted.

Having this customized hiring plan mapped out will make the process easier and leave a candidate feeling admired. A critical aspect of this customized written-out plan should be to ask potential employees for referrals. This also ensures an extensive search of the employee and will help your company feel the right hiring decision is being made.

Throughout the whole time talking to potential and future employees, it’s vital to selling the job. As a current employer, make sure to share your testimony about the company and make others want to be a part of it. When selling the job, be clear and concise — all the expectations should be laid out on the table.

Being transparent but excited about the company should make others want the job. The overall goal is to create a hiring process and a company that will make people want to leave their job to work for you.

When beginning to search for future employees and beginning your hiring process, it’s essential to know what your candidates want. While they want a straightforward, personalized hiring process and a transparent overview of the company, they also wish to have perks. Therefore, make sure that your company has incentives.

For example, some incentives could include the best equipment, an extra vacation day, Friday casual dress or PTO. These small incentives will make a big difference when a future employer decides between different companies, as incentives set companies apart. Today, candidates also want an attractive company culture. This includes a fun workspace, happy employees, and office celebrations. An engaging work environment with several incentives makes the best candidates choose your company, so they know what they want.

Filling a new role doesn’t always have to happen with someone new. Sometimes companies forget that they can hire within the company and promote current employees. Promoting within allows your staff to progress and develop their skills.

It also allows you to have someone who already understands company culture and community. Hiring within is an option that can have significant outcomes and provides someone with great talent to fill a job opening.

If all else fails when finding a future employee, use a staffing agency whose job is to find and hire employers. The agencies take the task off your hands by interviewing each candidate extensively through a series of questions and background checks. Then they will recommend an employee — the agencies only give companies employees they feel confident can fill the job request.

Going through a staffing agency saves companies time, as they then don’t have to post positions on different platforms, filter through hundreds of responses, or conduct first-round interviews. A staffing agency's job is to find employees, and therefore you can feel confident they’ll find a talented employee for your search at the end of the day.

With the abundance of jobs in our economy these days, the opportunities are endless. When searching for your company's future, it’s essential to find diligent, dedicated, and decisive employees who are talented. By either having a consistent, personalized hiring process or staff agency share your company's story and incentives, you’ll be one step closer to finding valuable employers.

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