The Benefits of Company Retreats

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We know what you’re thinking – why do I have to spend more time with the people I see every day in the office? You can come up with a million excuses about why you can’t attend the company retreat, but have you thought about the benefits and importance a company getaway offers?

There are a multitude of benefits in team building and corporate retreats. As company culture and workplace environment become increasingly important to employees, a getaway with your coworkers could be exactly what your business needs. Here are three things you can get out of a corporate retreat.

Our world today is mostly geared toward the individual, which can make it hard to create a team atmosphere in the office. Team building is a great opportunity to bond with your co-workers outside of your desk and emails. However, you don’t have to go far for this to work. Consider doing team building exercises during your company retreat or even just at monthly status meetings to ease the stress that can build up in the office.

The goal of team building is to make people believe they're all in this together. Company retreats allow employees to get outside of their comfort zone and connect with co-workers outside the office.

Sometimes, just walking into the office can cause you to stress out. By removing yourself from your daily workspace and getting out of your comfort zone, you'll be more likely to enjoy spending time with co-workers in a new environment. Consider planning the company retreat after the annual busy period to allow your employees to recharge and gear up for the rest of the year.

Less stress means more productive workers. Plus, company retreats can actually build productivity, so if you’ve been feeling sluggish or unproductive, take this as an opportunity to regroup and rediscover your passion for work.

As we noted in a previous blog, a common workplace myth is that employees are driven by their paycheck. However, this trend has shifted drastically over the past decade. Many workers are driven by extra benefits and the quality of their workplace. It’s important to boost company morale by making employees feel at home and valued in the office.

Taking some time during a company retreat to reflect and grow together as a team can translate into an increase in employee happiness. A retreat should be a treat and a reward, and studies have shown that companies with a high moral out perform their counterparts by 20 percent.

Instead of dreading your next company retreat, try looking at the positives and the value it might bring to you and your company. Make a point during your retreat to get to know someone better and bond with them. When you know a person better, you begin to identify with them, translating into a more collaborative workplace environment. So, step out of your comfort zone and you just might find the positive benefits of your company retreat!