5 Key Tech Tools for Startups

TSP • @myTSPnet


Technology can be tricky for any business, particularly those just getting off the ground and running. With the vast array of tools and services available on the market, it can be exciting yet intimidating. We all know technology can be more complex than intended with such a wide range of possibilities — keep it simple.

Alongside mentoring, feedback, a useful business plan and consistent collaboration, technology is an important asset for any team. As we continue to move into a digital workspace, here are five key components and corresponding technology tools for any startup.

Working from the cloud might be a new concept for some, but online collaboration tools are quickly becoming the preferred workspace for many organizations. Google Drive is a popular tool that can be used for personal or business matters. This acts as a storage space for all files, documents, spreadsheets, photos and videos, and can be accessed by multiple users at a time, allowing your team to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations all at once.

This is especially useful for those who aren’t physically working in the office, allowing real-time collaboration via a virtual means and making the work-from-anywhere lifestyle more productive.

Have you ever felt like you are flooding a team member’s inbox and wondered if there was a better form of communication? There is no shortage of tools on the market to fill this need. Applications such as BaseCamp or Slack are real-time communication tools that make it easier to quickly connect with your co-workers and teammates.

Tools similar to and Rooftop introduce trouble-free options for project and email management. Finding the most beneficial communication software for your team is essential, so consult with your team to determine what applications will best serve your needs.

Your online presence can aid in increased credibility and build a reliable community. Websites, newsletters and online social channels allow you to share relevant content to relate with your audience, clients and customers.

Website building applications like Unbounce can help you create a great website in a matter of minutes! There are many resources available at the click of a button and ready for you to try out.

Branding options are seemingly unlimited when it comes to creative abilities. The look and feel of your brand will determine how consumers view your work or services. Taking stock in applications such as Canva will ultimately increase the face value of your company and can give the creative edge you need to position yourself among others in your industry. Some design applications and tools are inexpensive, or even free, and allow you to produce content inspired by other creators.

Once you dive into these resources, you'll uncover an array of graphic design options, such as social media graphics, print products, video content and many other essential capabilities.

The last thing you want to worry about in the middle of a busy work week is the accounting side of your business. Online payroll management tools can aid small businesses in payroll processing, tax filings, employee onboarding and benefits management. Intuit is a popular tool that’s easy to set up and helps you overcome any potential financial challenges. Some applications link to Quickbooks and allow for a complete accounting management system to be used together.

In a world moving to mostly digital means, it’s important to introduce yourself and your team to all available options on the market. Technology might not be your favorite thing but utilizing time efficient and useful resources will help your business grow in a positive way.