How Does TSP Keep Service Costs So Competitive?

By: Chris Hainey


My official job title is “Critical Teams Operations Coordinator.” In other words, I help manage the engineers who are there to stop the bleeding and resurrect functionality when technology doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. My focus is on issue resolution for the end user, keeping maintenance schedules in line, implementing new systems, making sure ticket turnarounds are quick, and documenting everything so the next problem solver can find the answer even faster.

For more than ten years, I have been working in IT with companies such as Texas Instruments, Bank of America, and PepsiCo, but one thing has really made TSP stand out as a great company. TSP is stellar when it comes to choosing awesome team members, then using the people they already have to meet emerging needs.

So many companies see a need develop and automatically bring someone in from the outside to take care of it, but TSP looks inside the organization first to find the right resources and solve problems. It’s easy for us to shop for solutions in our own pool of talent because we know we already have great people who can handle new challenges and are eager to keep developing their skills.

TSP deliberately scouts employees to train for extended service, which is part of why we’re able to be so agile when it comes to meeting developing needs. Looking inside first is part of why we can start helping clients with additional services so quickly, and internal talent scouting and continual cross training is why we can cover extended PTO time for employees when they need it. We can do more with less without disrupting service to the client, and we also deliver incredible services at a lower cost than competitors.

Using what we have empowers engineers to spot other areas where we know we can make life easier for clients. We’re diverse and continually achieving updated training, so we’re more likely to notice ways we can improve the way we help clients. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and try to think of how we can make things better.

Every company has their own way of doing things, but TSP’s philosophy of investing in internal talent is part of what makes us special. Rather than spend more time and resources shopping outside when a need emerges, we save time and money by focusing on the talent we have. It’s a philosophy that makes employees happy and gives clients better service at a great cost.