Personal Hobbies to Help You Professionally

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Hobbies help keep us sane throughout our hectic lives. Take a minute to think about your hobbies and why you enjoy them. Do you like to cook? Garden? Sing? These are all great, but unless you plan on becoming a chef, botanist or singer, these aren’t a big help for your career.

What if you could do something you enjoy that would simultaneously help you professionally? Reality is, there are many hobbies with dual benefits! Finding one that you love and do consistently will boost your professional prowess. Here are a few hobbies to take you to the next level, while still enjoying yourself:

Practicing yoga has both physical and mental benefits. Yes, yoga offers the positive effects of exercising, like strengthening your body and pushing your body to be its best. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Yoga allows you to center yourself and practice self-reflection and mindfulness. You become more aware of your feelings, how your body is feeling and what is going on around you.

This practice in self-centering will do wonders for your mental health at work. Utilizing breathing techniques from your yoga class will ease your mind when you feel flustered at your desk.

Picking up the latest best-seller at the bookstore isn’t only entertaining, but also educating. Being an avid reader shows your desire to learn and ability to synthesize the information you read.

Reading informational books can also help you expand your insight into your current industry, or one that interests you. Even reading a fiction book will help build upon your vocabulary! Doing so will help you become a more knowledgeable, dynamic employee.

Who knew your love of sports, fashion or food would boost your professional life? Creating and maintaining a personal blog is a great way to expand your network in an area that interests you. It allows you to brand yourself, making you more appealing to employers.

As a blogger, you learn the ins-and-outs of writing concisely, search engine optimization (SEO), and connecting with an audience. Blogging will also give you the upper hand on understanding technology and effectively using it. For more on how to help build your brand, check out some of our past posts.

Thinking on your feet, while speaking in public with all eyes on you is an extremely daunting task. An easy and fun way to improve your confidence in front of an audience is by joining an improv comedy troop. Office presentations and meetings with your boss will be a breeze after you’ve experienced stage life.

The interactive nature of improv comedy is great preparation for reacting quickly and listening attentively. Working with your fellow troop members will also improve you’re ability to collaborate with others. Though it sounds scary, improv comedy will give you an extra boost of confidence in your work life.

Incorporating a new hobby into your weekly routine is important for your personal and professional development. It’s a win-win! While you relax and ease your mind, you’re bettering yourself professionally. What more could you ask for?