What Should I Look for in a Managed Services Partner?

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Every business would ideally like to improve operations and cut expenses. As the various necessary realms of business operation become more complicated, managing mainline functions such as human resources and technology in-house is becoming cumbersome and expensive. There are so many facets to these fields that it’s hard for a small team to be diverse enough to master the required skills and knowledge to handle such vital jobs adequately. That’s why many businesses are turning to outsourced partners, especially when it comes to managed services.

Unfortunately, many companies are using “managed services” as a marketing tool when they only offer basic, flat rate packages that won’t apply well to most enterprise needs. Their technical people may or may not even be proficient in the specific areas your business needs help with.

TSP’s goal from the beginning has been to create and run a company that thinks and works differently. We’re about serving every customer’s specific needs and treating every client as an individual. Our commitment to developing real relationships with both employees and clients has led to our success over the years, and when we work with a client, our employees become part of their culture, too.

“Managed services” has become such a diluted buzzword that it almost requires definition again. Managed services is not staffing and to some companies it can mean just about anything. At TSP, managed services is providing the right resources when and where needed. We bring to the market expertise in system administration in Windows, Unix, and Linux; critical system, application, and tool monitoring; help desk operation; PC deployment services and support; managed print services; warranty support; WAN and LAN monitoring; network field services; and cable and fiber management. In other words, TSP provides comprehensive help for enterprise needs, not just one or two add-ons to another tech package.

If your business is looking for a managed services partner, don’t go with a business that doesn’t specialize in enterprise solutions. Look for a partner who can do a comprehensive diagnosis of your company’s needs, forecast issues before they become problems, and address those issues without delay. The right long-term relationship with a vendor who is consistent, efficient, and makes the extra effort to employ the best people will meet your business’s needs now and for years to come.