Does Your Service Provider Stay Cool In Emergencies?

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Emergencies are a fact of life, but in the technology world, they’re more inevitability than possibility. Wires get crossed, servers overheat, blue screens pop up — since the edge of Occam’s razor loves to shave close, machines usually pick the worst possible times to go haywire.

TSP’s comprehensive services and solutions ensure that maintenance is always a priority, but sometimes things just plain break. When your tech hits the fan, are you confident that your service professional can keep their calm? Wouldn’t we all prefer to work with a partner who keeps cool in crisis instead of one who flies off the handle?

Soft skills are often neglected in the tech services industry, but TSP believes personality plays a huge role in both the ease of daily maintenance and the level of stress involved in crisis management. We hire field experts, and many employees go through our custom Boot Camp to learn both soft and hard skills.

Top technologies are covered to ensure service professionals are up to speed on the latest and greatest, but Boot Camp also emphasizes interpersonal customer service skills that illustrate why the way we serve clients is just as important as knowing which buttons to push.

When things go wrong with the machines we rely on, managing a crisis is a lot easier if the people helping you are easy to work with. Our service professionals keep customers posted on the status of a fix, never leave clients in the dark, and work tirelessly until everything is good to go. TSP’s goal is to make customers’ lives better — not worse.

Emergencies always come with a certain degree of pressure, but TSP service professionals are trained to handle whatever happens, plus be amiable while they’re healing the problem.