How to Boost Employee Satisfaction

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstar


Too many people are stuck in their jobs, miserable and unable to switch gears. They don’t feel valued, appreciated, or relevant. When we founded TSP in 2002, we wanted to make sure our employees would never feel that way.

TSP proudly employs more than 500 employees throughout the United States and Canada. We invest in every employee because our product is our service, which means our product is our people. Because attitude is obvious in everything we do, it’s crucial to our business success to employ people who love what they do and are happy at work!Making people feel good about where they spend their working hours isn’t impossible, but so many companies fail. These strategies have helped us build a happy employee family, and we believe they can work for any business.

Empower your workforce.
People tend to be miserable when they have no control. No one wants to be a meaningless cog in a massive, unfeeling machine, so we empower every employee to identify issues and suggest creative solutions. If you trust your employees to come up with great ideas, guess what? They will!

Welcome real conversations.
The next step to groundbreaking problem solving is… Prepare yourself with a drumroll, because this idea is revolutionary to many: Listen to what employees want to tell you. Lots of employers pretend to listen, but they don’t take the time to really consider what people are saying. Communication goes two ways, which means you can’t dominate every conversation. Employees are the ones who interact with more clients than any manager ever could, which makes them the best source for helpful feedback. When they have something to say, offer space to speak and pay attention.

Encourage diversity.
TSP is a proud certified minority-owned business, and we put a high value on maintaining a diverse workplace. Different perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and strengths make us a stronger team, which is why we take extra steps to hire people who have diverse lives. Embracing diversity is about recognizing each person who works at your business as a whole person, not just another worker. People have unique interests, hopes, stories, family and friends, and for most of them, work is a way to better enjoy those things. Learn to view employees as real individuals instead of means to an end.

Provide opportunity.
When someone works for a great company with zero room for growth, eventually they’ll start to consider moving on. If you take the time to find and hire the best people for job openings but then lose them in a few years because there is no growth potential, you’ve still wasted tons of time and resources. Smart businesses not only hire well the first time, but also continue engaging employees who will enjoy new opportunities and flex their talent with fresh challenges. Don’t let a fantastic workforce grow stagnant and dive overboard because they’re too bored. Give people the tools they need to solve problems and continue growing with your business.

What are some ways you’ve boosted employee satisfaction as an employer or, as an employee, would like to see satisfaction boosted? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!