Three Trends Shaping Workplace Environments

By: TSP Blog | @TSProckstars


Our world is constantly evolving — you can expect the things around us to change right along with it. Just like in our personal lives, there are plenty of situations affecting and shaping our workplace. It seems everyday that some new revolutionary technology is created, new ideas are implemented and social media has changed since the night before. These slight shifts in the workplace impact employees in many ways, causing each worker to continuously update their skills to stay competitive.

It’s no surprise social media is the first trend on our list. Everyday, people are impacted by social media. In the world we live in, it consumes our lives and serves as an influencer for how we think and feel.

When it comes to use of social media in the workplace, the list of pros and cons seems indefinite. While many argue it can be a distraction to employees, it is also a tool many companies use to promote culture. Apps such as LinkedIn have made social media an essential part of the networking and sales process, allowing professionals to connect on a digital level and expanding their network across the world.

Additionally, social media has the ability to generate buzz about any topic at the touch of a finger. Because of this, it is vital employees understand how their personal social media can impact the business they work for.

As young talent find their way into the world of work, they bring along with them new ideas and fresh perspectives. While it can be challenging for seasoned employees to listen to these viewpoints, millennials could be the change a company needs to stay relevant and up-to-date. Just as they want their opinions heard, these young professionals are also looking to gain experience from the leaders in a company, providing an opportunity for growth in their career.

The addition of millennials and Generation Z workers allows companies to stay current with fresh, modern concepts that can challenge current trends and business models. In the coming years, we can expect to see a workplace completely different than the one we see today. Because these young professionals are the future leaders of the company, it is vital their ideas are heard and aspirations are validated.

The older we get, the bigger our responsibilities get. No matter what you are juggling along with the role you play in your job, creating a healthy work-life balance has increasingly become a hot topic of conversation over the years. However, we at TSP are firm believers in work-life integration — the new work-life balance.

It’s important in today's workplace to recognize the importance for employees to have equilibrium in their lives. Ultimately, the lack of balance can create a lack of punctuality, commitment, and performance among employees. Employers can contribute to a more balanced life by offering time off for holidays, planning fun events for the staff, and encouraging employees to get out of the office for a real lunch break.

As social media evolves, younger generations enter the workforce, and we strive to achieve work-life integration, keep in mind that change is inevitable. Truth is, these aren’t the only trends that will influence company structure and the quality of work put out by its employees. It’s essential to accept these developments, stay flexible and continue moving forward in your career.