Why TSP Engineers Actually Like Taking on Extra Work

By: Steven Conour


I work as a technician for TSP, and I love my job! I'm one of those few Americans that can honestly say they love the company they work for. My job is always changing because that’s the nature of technology, but more than that, I’m always tackling new challenges because TSP gives me that level of freedom. TSP rewards out-of-the-box thinking, which not only gives us the flexibility to solve problems, but to find problems that need solving.

TSP has earned the trust of an incredible portfolio of clients because we don’t just do the job right, we find creative ways to make those extra tech headaches go away. It all boils down to our philosophy of making life better for every client. TSP has a “Boot Camp” training program, and part of what we cover is customer service. One of the things that sets TSP apart—and consistently wows clients—is that we don’t just fulfill contracts, we keep our eyes open for other problems we can solve.

Attend morning meetings.
We listen to the challenges clients face daily, and ask if are there recurring items we may be able to help with. Showing up at meetings gives us a voice, but it also helps us get to know the people we’re working with and become part of the client’s culture.

Talk with the client.
TSP engineers don’t have tunnel vision when it comes to projects. Instead of robotically limiting conversations with clients to the exact tasks we have individual ownership of, we make a point of getting to know clients to find out what other issues they’re having. You can’t offer a solution to a problem if you never bother to find out what the problems are.

Stay sharp on every bit of tech.
TSP engineers go through regular training workshops to ensure we’re all on the same page and staying sharp on the latest and greatest, but we also take extra steps to reach out to machine and tech reps to find out what’s new and what needs fixing. We meet with reps when they’re visiting and call them to stay in touch so we always know what’s going on.

We actually like taking on more work.
Adding services to a contract leads to obvious financial perks, but our commitment to solving problems goes beyond that. Additional services can lead to adding another engineer to the site, which means one more person to lean on and add to on-call rotations as well as that much more ability to serve the client. Adding services also means we get to expand our own opportunities to practice and learn new skills, which makes us that much more able to contribute to our value.

Some say that when a door closes, another one opens. I say we should wander the halls, jiggle the doorknobs, try every key on your ring. There's no rule that says only one door can be open.