Why Should Businesses Use Cybersecurity Managed Services?

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Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, with estimates of threat actors attacking cybersecurity infrastructures of businesses every 39 seconds. Without proactive and effective security measures in place to protect an organization from these threats, your business could face an average expense of $4.5 million to deal with a data breach. You can minimize this threat with cybersecurity managed services.

Cybersecurity outsourcing is an effective way to protect your company from significant financial losses, reputation damage and non-compliance consequences. With a provider specializing in mitigating your cybersecurity risks, you can focus on other areas of operations and growth.

  1. Enhanced Protection of Business Data
    Your intellectual property and confidential data are top targets of malicious actors and hackers. It’s important for businesses to utilize the latest in data protection, whether that’s firewalls, access control or encryption measures. With managed services, you can have confidence that only authorized personnel can access your company’s sensitive information.

  2. Strict Control Against Unauthorized Access
    The threats to the safety of your company’s information come from both within your organization and outside of it. When you outsource cybersecurity to a managed services provider, you don’t have to worry about exceptions to rules or selective involvement when dealing with unauthorized access to the systems or network. Authentication measures for on-premise personnel and network firewalls provide strict controls against insider threats.

  3. Heightened Regulatory Compliance
    Outsourced cybersecurity services will improve your ability to comply with dozens of regulatory requirements in the industry. Compliance areas are complex and constantly changing, meaning an in-house team is often incapable of staying current with the necessary safeguards and changes. Cybersecurity managed services are a solution.

    Cybersecurity outsourcing keeps your company from worrying about the costs and consequences of non-compliance. Managed service providers use the most current compliance software to centralize compliance management, whether that's generating reports needed for audits, monitoring training or staying aware of regulatory changes.

  4. Increased Protection Against Reputational Damage
    A data breach will destroy more than your budget. It can erode consumer trust in the organization and permanently damage the brand’s reputation. Consumers prioritize security when working with businesses that collect their personal information. Nearly 85% of consumers factor in a company’s data security policies before making a purchase.

  5. More Cost Savings
    Outsourced cybersecurity is a way for your company to save money while still getting exceptional security defense. Investing in proactive security solutions like malware, encryption and firewalls prevents reactive expenses with attacks, notifications, compliance fees and brand damage repair efforts.

    In addition to preventing the costs of system outages from unauthorized access or data breaches, a managed services provider typically provides expert services beyond what company budgets can afford when putting together an in-house team. Saving on expenses increases profitability.

For flawless, flexible and custom cybersecurity managed services, TSP is the provider of choice. We deliver the highest levels of customer service in every solution we offer. Contact us to find out why partnering with our team is the right decision for your business.

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