3 Ways to Automate for Sustainable Success

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Whether we realize it or not, we’ve become immersed in the world of technology and automation. Our daily lives include using automation for the simplest things, from the coffee machine to the thermostat. The world around us has progressed towards IoT (Internet of Things) and automation to make everyday actions much simpler and faster.

Most businesses that we interact with today have incorporated technology and automation into their systems to better serve their consumers. Repetition and unnecessary procedures have slowed down businesses, which is where implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning can be of service.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before automating your business. It’s important to hire and train employees on automation so that they can perform the required tasks to make your business more efficient. Sustainable deployment of automated applications is key to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Your business will require a tailored process that provides an individualized experience for each customer. Rushing the process will inhibit you from focusing on your customers’ needs. Automate only the most important areas of your business that will create the highest impact. With these considerations in mind, keep reading for three ways to enhance your business with automation to achieve sustainable success.

Experience is critical to any business. There’s a reason why we always go back to the same restaurants, stores and even doctor’s offices. Having less paperwork to complete at the doctor and ordering from the menu before you get to the restaurant are memorable experiences. We remember these moments because they make our lives easier and allow us more time to focus on the things we care about.

Chatbots, suggestions based on recent searches and updated shipping information on purchases are a few examples of how user experience can be made better through an automated process. Automating your processes allows your company to provide top-notch customer service, and in creating a memorable user experience, also increase consumer loyalty.

There are many different applications, platforms and programs you can use for automating simple steps, including booking appointments, responding to emails and even optimizing pricing and market spending. Look for any missed opportunities to implement automation. Any repetitive procedures can slow down your business, so replace those steps with an automated solution. This will allow those tasks to be completed efficiently, accurately and inexpensively.

Databases are critical to every organization, but automation can take them to the next level. Automating your database can eliminate admin tasks, which in turn decreases user error and time. You can automate your database to run backup, move archive logs from one storage to another and more.

Database automation can also be used to make projections about the current state of your business, including projecting the direction your business is going in terms of sales, consumer experience, human resources and inventory tracking. With a database created and automated, your company will run simpler and safer.

Email marketing is one of the most proven avenues to reach your audience — it can be automated. Your customers should receive consistent email communications from you, and automation can complete take email marketing off your plate. After a customer visits your business, send them an automated, personalized note thanking them for their visit. Another automation option is to request emails on your website in exchange for something of value, like a free white paper, seminar or consultation. From there, you can collect a database of interested parties, add them to your email distribution list and work toward conversion.

In choosing to automate aspects of your user experience, database and email marketing, you can save both time and money. Automation virtually eliminates human error, the cost of which can be detrimental to a business, while simultaneously increasing reliability and accuracy. In addition, automation can increase employee productivity, because it eliminates repetitive tasks.

If you’re still wary of automation, consider the industry giants who have successfully integrated automation and perhaps consider automating a small aspect of your business and further innovating from there. The results you receive will encourage you to continue automating.